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Oct 7, 2012 10:00pm EDT
: ""arkkg. falkenhan, department,,unty fire lutherville-volunteer fire company."gladys falkknhan: especiallyyin a setting like - this."falkenhan was killed in the line f dutt last year. christian falkenhan, probational firefiihter: "once he passed awwy, it dawneedon me. i eeinitely have to do it now."his son, pow training to be a family of dozens from around e - the country.gladys falkenhan:: "it is veey emotional to knoww there's a risk that we knew everyttme mark left us to go that rrsk."the 31st annual national fallen firefighter memoriall pushed inside mount saint mary's because of raan. ggadds falkenhan: "to come together as a nation, it's amazinn to come together as one family."fireffghters mourn brothers, fathers, sons.gladys falkenhan: this weekend has &pgiven us a full circle, and now we have that closure."dr. denis onieal: "the bell tolls their last alarm for they have gone home."(bells ring)gladys falkenhan: "it's amazing the way the oundation brings uss all together because we have one commoo bond: we all lost someone very significant to us saving lives."ii emmitsburg
Oct 8, 2012 5:00am EDT
in maryland. baltimorr county fire nhan, lutherville-volunteer fire company."gladys falkenhan: 34.05 "you miss him, miss him every time you hearrhis name... especiilly in a setting like this."falkenhan was killed in the line of dutt last year.christian falkenhan, probational ffrefighter: 35..14 "onceehe passed away, it dawned on me. i definitely now training to be a firefighter, and widow are one the country.gladys falkenhan: 36.19 "it is very emotional to know there'' a risk that we knew everytime mark leet us to go on a call and now he'' taking that risk."the 31st firefighter memorial: pushed innide mounttsaint mary's because of rain.gladys palkenhan: 33.16 "to cooe together as a nation, it's amazing to come together as one famill."firefighters mourn falkenhan: "this weekend has given us a full circle, aad now we have that closuree"dr. denis onieal: 29.19 "the bell tolls theii last alarm for riig)gladys falkenhan: (ttward pnd) "it's amazing the way the founddtion brings us all common bond: we all lost one sommone very significant to us saving lives."in emmitsburg, ten. gessler, fox
Oct 8, 2012 5:30pm EDT
memorial. memorial.reader::"mark g. falkenhan, baltimore county fire department, luuheeville- volunteer fire companyy" companny"mark faaken-han... was one of ...85 names... added to the memooial... ii... emmitsburg ...sunday....///he... firefighter... died in thee line of duty... ass year. gladys falkenhan: "this weekend has givee us a full closure."80 firefighters died... in... nationwide last year...///. five... additional names ...from... prevvous years... were added the roll of honor. for... thee.. 1-st time... in... 8 years... / rrpreeentatives... from... the... "wheel of fortune" show... came to maryland ...looking for... contestantt. conteetants..eopleeshouting &p showed up... at center... h/ the √°real√°... wheel of fortune... ii california...///. 300... of them... actuallyy.. got a chance... to audition on stage. "oh yea!!!! i would be &poverwhelmed the feeling beingg here and the music, just makes me feel like i can do this!" & thii year... marks the 30-th anniversary... of... wheel of fortune..../ for... the... best game shhws in america.../ be... sur
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
falkenhan, this day was an honor for a man who lived and breathed the fire service from the age of 18 until 43 when he died. >> on a cold january night last year, mark lost his life savings others' lives in a four- alarm fire. >> it is amazing to see. we have seen it from our state and other states during his funeral. to come together as a nation it is amazing, to come together as one family. >> in all come at 80 firefighters who died last year and five died in years past were remembered. it is an annual rite, a sign of respect for the families. >> we gather to pay honor and respect to those individuals that guide and help the families rebuild their lives and move forward after going through such a dramatic occurrence. >> 6000 people attended the service this year. among the greatest show of support and love came the son of mark falkenhan, doing what his father loved. >> it is in my blood. my whole family has done it. it is tradition. i am a third-generation firefighter. >> committed to the firehouse to the very last call. a very special day. what do you have on tap for us? it is gett
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4